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How to Clean Your DSLR Camera

Besides keeping your DSLR camera from humidity, water, dust and sand, you need to maintain its pristine quality by cleaning it. Here is a guide on how to clean each part and the other camera accessories.

Camera Exterior

First, remove all the accessories attached to your camera like the lens, strap, battery, memory card and covers. This is also a perfect time to recharge the battery. Then check visually for dirt or damage on the exterior of the camera. Make the sure the lens mount is still covered when you do this. Next, wipe the body using a dry, soft cloth. You can also look around at stores for lint-free cloth made for wiping gadgets. If there are stains that cannot be removed by wiping with dry cloth, use a non-alcoholic formula to moisten the cloth. Don’t spray it on the camera surface. You can also use toothbrush if the cloth does not work. Wipe or scrub gently on the parts made of leather to avoid damaging the material.


There is no need to clean your sensor if you don’t change it too often. But if you think it needs cleaning, you can either dry clean or wet clean your camera’s sensor. First, you have to check how much dirt it has acquired by taking a photo. That will determine what type of cleaning it needs. Then put your DSLR camera into cleaning mode or mirror lock-up, which can be accessed in the menu. Next, press the shutter release button so that the mirror slides up. Use a blower to remove the dirt. Never try to touch anything inside. If the blower hasn’t removed the dirt, take your camera to a reputable cleaning shop.


The goal of keeping your lens clean is to be able to take clear pictures and to maintain the quality of the lens itself. Wiping off dust and dirt might damage the lens so you have to be careful. The first step is to clean the surface. Other people recommend using a rubber bulb blower or a lens cleaner and lint-free cloth. If there isn’t a lot of dirt, you don’t need to wipe the surface because minimal contact is much more preferable. If you need to spray a cleaning formula for more stubborn dirt, spray it on the cloth and not directly on the lens surface.


Cleaning filters uses the same process as cleaning the lenses. First, remove the filter then gently wipe with a lint-free cloth. For stains, spray a non-alcohol formula on the cloth then wipe the moist cloth on the filter. Always use cleaning formula made specifically for cameras.


You should never try to touch or wipe the mirror. Use the blower to clean it. If it’s not dirty, there is no need to clean the mirror. Unlike the other parts, it’s very sensitive. If you think however that it needs cleaning, contact a reputable shop that can do it for you.


Importance of IT Services

Information technology (IT) services have become a necessity in our everyday lives. IT services does not only explain how computers and network systems work, but also it helps in the troubleshooting and maintaining tasks of our networks and units.


Today’s era has been greatly transformed because of the advent of IT facilities. Things that are performed manually are now being completed with the use of mechanical operating systems which are manipulated by just a press of a button. Through IT systems, Singapore business owners are able to manage their businesses more efficiently and receive up-to-date information at any point of time.

IT services performs important tasks

Important tasks like storing, processing, protecting, transmitting, securing, retrieving and receiving information are all part of IT service tasks. These services are widely used by Singapore business establishments and organizations to solve logical and mathematical problems. Technology services also help in the managing system of projects. First, is the planning, next is the data gathering, followed by data sorting, and lastly are the generated results. It helps executives and workers to conceive complexity, and produce new services and products, thus, improving the business output and productivity.

businessman with laptop in network server room

IT services are learning sources

Information technology services don’t only help business establishments but also prospers learning activities. Countless resources for learning can be instantly accessed by teachers and students through the use of technology. Different approaches for communications like forums, emails and chats can all be used to improve and obtain new learning. Students may also use online libraries and other educational websites for their own references.

IT services are organizational backbones

Services for network system and back-ups are the backbone of every organization. If the organization’s information technology services Singapore system fails to function properly, the organization’s efficiency is hampered. The IT labour force is the very crucial section of the organization that all the members would want it to work with smoothly and perfectly. But, if the opposite happens, even for a short period of time, the baseline of the organization is at stake.

IT services allows channelized communication

Technology services paved way to channelized communication. Whether you are a business owner or an entrepreneur, any location can be your work station. You can do office works even when you’re at home, on vacation, or any location away from your designated office. Working from home is the most common thing employers do that’s why services that allows remote communication is highly usable to any form of organizations and establishments.

IT services enhances work outputs

Because of the availability of top of the line technology services, work outputs are more accurate and flawless. Also, employees would want to work with the with top-quality tools on their desks. Fast and reliable computers equipped with latest software for easy storage and back up of files. When their computer system perfectly works, it invites them to make use of it. A strong and dependable IT structure is a necessity in strengthening your business. By using the right IT service, you are guaranteed with smooth-sailing establishment, and your staffs have lesser things to worry about.

Technology in the hands


Wet Smartphone: What to Do?

Smartphone is part of Singapore’s society. You cannot go far without it. Somewhat it is true but you do not need your smartphone when you go to the sink or toilet. One day, a terrible thing happened – you accidentally dropped your smartphone in the toilet or sink.

KENSINGTON - 83 per cent use smartphones in the bathroom

You learned your lesson (that you should never go near bodies of water when you are holding your precious smartphone) however, it is too late to regret because your smartphone is immersed in water. Fear not because you can still save your phone.

You only need to think of the following things:


  • Do not turn it on: You want to know if the phone is still alive but it will not do good to your phone. No matter what happens, control the urge of turning it on. Turning it on right away may cause short-circuit.
  • Do not use hair dryer: You think that hair dryer can help but in truth, it will make things worse. The hair dryer may fry your internal components that are delicate.
  • Quickly take it apart: Look for a towel and quickly take your phone apart. You have to remove the rear cover, battery, SIM card and the microSD card. After taking it apart, gently wipe the parts. You have to get as much water from the phone.
  • Use vacuum cleaner: You cannot dry everything. The vacuum cleaner can help you with drying it further. Do not place the vacuum too close to the phone because it will fry the internal components.

If you are too afraid to give first-aid solution to your phone, you can bring it immediately to technicians. There are many technicians here in Singapore.



Ways to Back up Your Smartphones

These days, smartphones are an indispensable tool to most Singaporeans. Without it, modern life will be difficult, maybe even impossible. That is very true, considering that so many things are now stored digitally. Beyond sending messages and making calls, smartphones has become one’s assistant and storehouse of personal data.


If you have important data stored in your smartphone, backing it up should be a priority. There are people who ignore the importance of backing up so when the time that they encounter difficulties, they regret not backing it up. Here are some ways to back up your smartphones:

  • Google account: You can actually use your Google account to back up your files. Android users can specifically benefit from this. You only need to set your phone so it will sync calendars, contacts, pictures, etc.
  • Cloud: Cloud services are all over the place nowadays. Among the most popular cloud services today are, iCloud and Dropbox, which all let you back up and sync your data across different devices. The good thing about cloud is you can retrieve your data across all devices that you subscribed.


  • Micro SD: You can also store your data to your micro SD cards. You only need to transfer data and store in your external storage.
  • Apps: You have to know that there are many applications that you can download or purchase that can help you back up data. You can look for free applications or you can buy cheaper ones. It will be up to you.
  • Computer: If you want, you can also store your data to your computer. You can simply drag and drop the things that you want to protect to your computer. Backing up via the computer is easy.

There are many options that you can consider. You have the power to protect your data. It is up to you to maximize it.



Protect Your Phone from Blowing Up

What are the chances that your phone will blow up? There is a remote chance. It is crucial that you know the things that can contribute to its blowing up and how you can prevent it. Your phone blowing up is unusual but it pays to be prepared.


Here are some things that you can do to prevent your phone from blowing up:

  • Do not purchase low-quality bats: You can find many low-quality bats here in Singapore but it will not do you good. Low grade batteries is a bad idea because of quality and care issues. Low-quality bats do not follow the necessary standard. That should alarm you.
  • Look for a place with ventilation during charger: When you are charging, look for a place that is well-ventilated. It is not a good idea to cover your phone with your pillow. The safest thing to do is keep it away from fabrics and other electronics should it overheat.


  • Have it checked by professionals: If your phone fell to the water, do not attempt to save it. Even if you salvaged it, corrosion and short circuit are likely to happen. You have to look for professionals and have it checked. There are many professionals/technicians here in Singapore. Do not worry.
  • Do not use it while charging: The most basic thing that you should do is not use your phone when you are charging it. Charging and using it at the same time can lead to overheating. You wouldn’t want that.

You really cannot be sure of the phone you are using. Just be cautious so you will not end up blowing your ear or hands.