Your circuit breaker is what keeps you from a fire and electric hazard at home or in your office. Most circuit breakers today will cut off electricity when there is a leakage, such as when someone accidentally touches a live wire.

However, when it doesn’t, you should know whether you can fix it yourself or whether you should call an electrician in Singapore for professional wiring service to get your circuit back to normal. In case of emergency, contact a 24 hour electrical service.

When Circuit Breakers Trip
Circuit breakers are a type of electrical switch responsible for controlling and protecting the circuits in your home or office. While they seem like simple on/off switches at first, a power trip happens when there’s too much electrical current flowing through the wires, or if a person accidentally touches an exposed wire. It is best to call a blackout technician for electrical wiring repair in case this happens in your Singapore home.

There are a few reasons why circuit breakers trip:

• Circuit overload – Here, your home’s circuit is drawing in more power than what it can handle, which naturally causes the breaker to trip as a safety measure.

• Short circuit – When a live wire touches a neutral or ground wire, the result is a lowered resistance leading to an uninterrupted flow of electricity. This will also trigger the circuit breaker.

• Ground fault – These occur when live wires come in contact with a ground wire, the metal of a wall box, or wood framing members. This often happens in old electrical works not properly maintained by a cabling technician.

• Arc fault – This is perhaps the most dangerous hazard you can encounter, as this results in visible electrical discharge.

In the event of a power failure, be sure to turn off your circuit breaker. This will minimize the risk of your power supply electrocuting you or accidentally overloading.

However, you will need to call a licensed electrician if your circuit breaker frequently trips, as this may mean a larger problem.

Solving Power Tripping
Power tripping is a risk to your home if you don’t take the proper precautions for your home’s electric circuit. However, there are ways to avoid this.

• You can install power point switches in your outlets to act as a safety measure against accidental electrical discharge.

• Perform regular maintenance on your electric circuit, especially if you want to connect electric wires. This will avoid problems such as short circuiting later on, which will require a professional electrical service to fix.

• Whatever you do, never approach circuit breakers if the ground or floor is wet. For this reason, you can usually see residential linemen wear rubber gloves and shoes that insulate against electricity.

• Update your circuit breaker and your circuit breaker panel. While you can do this yourself if you know how to do it properly and safely, it’s usually best to minimize the risk and leave it to a licensed electrician.

Replacing circuit breakers and checking your tripped panel is a task best left to a certified electrical worker, which our company is more than happy to provide for your problems.

As a commercial electrical contractor, we are proud to have well-trained commercial and home electric handyman ready to take on your problems and bring your electrical circuit back up and running in no time!

We also operate as a 24 hour electrician company, which means we can respond to your electrical problems at any time, be it early in the morning or late at night.

Schedule an appointment and get the electrician services for your home or office today!

(Disclaimer: this list is compiled in no particular order.)